Compatible Tubes:

Due to receiving large volumes of samples from various sources we must standardize tubes and labeling.  Samples that are to be run with a Discovery Assay should be aliquoted into 0.5 – 0.65mL snap-cap microcentrifuge tubes. Compatible tubes have the following approximate dimensions: ~3.0 cm high (9/8 inch), 0.9 cm diameter (3/8 inch).

You are not obligated to use the tubes in the following list; we have provided these examples to use as a guide to make sure that you are using a compatible tube:

Examples of Compatible Tubes:


Microcentrifuge tubes:

Cat#: 87003-290 (0.65mL)


Microcentrifuge tubes:

Cat#:29442-582 (0.65mL)


0.5 ml Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes™

Order #: 022363611

Fisher Sci. Cat#: 05-402-18

*If you are using tubes that do not fit this description (ie. 1.5mL tubes or Cryo tubes), please indicate this on the Discovery Assay Order Form; a $3 surcharge per sample will be applied to cover extra handling and material costs.

*Please DO NOT Parafilm seal your tubes.

*DO NOT use labels or stickers – labels can come off when frozen.

Required Volumes and Recommended Dilutions:

For cytokine array Discovery Assays all samples are run at the dilution they are received, or diluted in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use (with some exceptions)  – If you wish to have your samples assayed at a dilution, please make this dilution prior to shipping your samples.  Running a pilot study is recommended to determine the optimal dilution – particularly for variable sample types such as cell cultures, and homogenates.


Using a permanent marker, label the tube lids/caps alpha numerically with the first letter of your last name followed by consecutive numbers.  For example, if your last name is “Smith” and you are sending three samples your tubes will be labeled:  S1, S2 and S3.  Maintain your own record of which number corresponds to which sample.  We do not recommend using stickers or labels as these can come off when frozen.  Please DO NOT Parafilm seal your tubes.  Labels that are not alpha numeric, consecutively will incur a $3.00/sample fee.


Place your samples consecutively in a rack box or cardboard / plastic sample box. The box should then be placed in a leak proof bag with absorbent material. Do NOT put your sample tubes directly into the dry ice. See our shipping guide for more information.