Discovery Assay®
The World’s Most Affordable Cytokine Array

Discovery Assay is a novel assay service that is pushing to revolutionize biomedical testing with its unprecedented prices. With our Discovery Assays, you can now obtain results for as low as $1.23 per analyte per sample. This price point has never before been possible, and it is even more cost effective than conducting in-house assays.

We hope that your research will achieve more than it ever could with the most affordable multiplexing assays anywhere.

Why Use Our Discovery Assay Service?

      • Discover new significant targets.
      • Rule out unnecessary targets.
      • Identify where to focus your research before you utilize our cost-effective Custom-Plex Assay services.
      • Achieve a new level of cost-savings.
      • Become familiar with advanced multiplexing technology.
      • Obtain preliminary data for grant applications.
      • Enable your research to achieve a greater impact and have stronger scientific merit.

Routine Discovery Assays

With many research studies requiring cytokine, chemokine or growth factor profiling, our Routine Discovery Assays are essential assays. Routine Discovery Assay Services are performed on the broadest cytokine/chemokine multiplex kits and other biomarker panels for humans, mice, rats, and pigs at unprecedented prices. Routine Discovery Assays are kept in stock at all times and have no limits on the number of samples we can assay for you.

*** NOTE: Assay available but does not have a tab

Chicken Cytokine Array / Chemokine Array 13-Plex (GCYT1-12-600)

Please request by searching “chicken” in the search bar

We Will Test Your Sample(s) and Provide Results For The Following Biomarkers:  IFN-α, IFN-γ, IL-10, IL-16, IL-2, IL-21, IL-6, M-CSF, MIP-1β/CCL4, MIP3α/CCL20, RANTES/CCL5, VEGF-A

      *** NOTE: Please check with your local Government and CFIA to see if you can export/import Chicken/Avian from your country to Canada

Featured Discovery Assays

Featured Discovery Assays are kits that we receive on promotion from suppliers or are additional kits that we purchased to bulk-discount a study. Though Featured Discovery Assays have limited quantities available, the number of samples you can test can be increased by ordering a custom-plex assay of the same kit. Examples of featured assays include smaller plex cytokine / chemokine panels, cancer / angiogenesis panels, cellular signaling panels, cardiac markers, gut hormone / endocrine markers, etc.

NOTE: If you need changes made to your order please send a note through your order or email us, rather than making multiple orders.

Discovery Assay Compatible Tubes and Aliquot Tube Labeling

Due to receiving large volumes of samples from various sources, we must standardize tubes and labeling. This assists us in keeping our costs down. A $3 surcharge per sample will be applied if your samples are not standardized according to the Discovery Assay tube and labeling requirements. Click Below to open the documents that outlines these requirements.


Can analytes be removed from Discovery Assays?

No, it is not possible to remove analytes or select certain analytes in a Discovery Assay because the panels are premixed. If you have certain analytes you want to target within a Discovery Assay panel, and if you have a good number of samples (ie 30 or more to run in duplicate), it may be more feasible for you to run a Custom-Plex Assay Service where you can specifically select your targets.

Can analytes be added to the Discovery Assays?

It is possible; however it may not be feasible. It depends on the desired analyte and Discovery Assay.

Are the Discovery Assay prices ever going to end?

No. Though we often run Discovery Assays at a profit loss, we will always strive to continue offering the heavily discounted price. We like supporting your research and regular pricing could show you what it would cost to do the same assay in-house or elsewhere.

Is the listed Discovery Assay price for single wells or duplicates?

Prices are for one single well assay. Duplicate or triplicate testing will require purchasing 2 or 3 wells per sample.

What is the included standard in a Discovery Assay?

The included standard is a standard that is run on the first assay session of the current kit lot. This standard curve is run with an assay buffer matrix.

Why doesn’t Eve Tech run a standard on each Discovery Assay

It would be impossible to have a fixed low-cost per sample price if a standard was run in every assay session. If a standard curve was generated at every assay session the price would be prohibitive for clients who do not require the use of a full 96-well plate. Clients who wish to have an internal standard curve have the option to purchase the standard cocktail and the additional wells to run their own standard curve. Eve Tech does run an internal control sample with every assay session as a quality control.

How are results quantified for assays without a standard?

If the purpose of running your samples on a Discovery Assay does require running your own internal standard, your results are quantified using the values obtained from the standard run during the first assay session of that kit lot. This is called an external standard. All assay conditions are controlled as much as possible among assay sessions using the same kit lot.

How is inter-assay variability controlled in assays sessions without standard curves?

In addition to maintaining strict and repeatable conditions, we run quality control samples with every assay run to ensure that all assay signals of a particular lot fall within an acceptable range. Inter-assay variability ranges between 5-20% depending on the analyte and quality of samples.

When should I buy my own standard curve?

You should buy your own standard curve when exact concentrations are of utmost importance. Some examples: if you are running a large Discovery Assay study that spans multiple plates or if you are performing a longitudinal study where you will be directly comparing concentration values across multiple assay sessions.

Do you run my samples at a specific dilution or are they run undiluted?

When running an assay that specifies a high dilution for a particular sample type, Eve Technologies will make this dilution from your provided sample prior to running the assay.  Generally, all samples on the human cytokine Discovery Assays are run undiluted. For the Mouse and Rat Cytokine Discovery Assays, the manufacturer recommends serum and plasma samples be diluted 2 fold.  However, since some clients prefer to run their samples undiluted despite the recommendation, we will run your mouse/rat serum/plasma as you provide them giving you the option to predilute in-house.  Doing so can also reduce the amount of volume required.  When a dilution is performed for any assay a dilution factor is applied to the results which multiplies the concentrations automatically. If you would like to request a specific dilution please clearly indicate this on your order form and Contact Us.  In cases where sample types are not specified for a particular assay or when a dilution factor is unknown we recommend running a pilot study.

Secure Confidentiality

Materials and information provided and sent to Eve Technologies are kept private by the strictest security measures. Assay outcomes and experimental data are proprietary to our clients and are also kept confidential. Eve Technologies does not disclose confidential information to third parties unless instructed to do so by the client.

NOTE: The CFIA has updated the clearance requirements for rodent samples: if the samples are from prairie dogs, African giant pouched rats, or squirrels they are automatically refused import to Canada.  Primates can take over a month for an import permit so please plan accordingly.