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Obtaining quantified cytokine array and other biomarker results is now as easy as sending your samples to Eve Technologies – the assay service company that developed the Discovery Assay®. When you order a Discovery Assay, you save time and money with our prices that start at $1.00 per biomarker. Our assay services and results are included in the price and there are no limitations on the number of samples you can send. All you need to do is choose your assay and send your samples to receive quantified cytokine results. It’s that simple.

Eve Tech’s custom-plex assay services allow you to choose your targets from the widest analyte list available and multiplex your selected targets together. We efficiently run assays for research projects both big and small. With our experience, we save you the hassle of the learning-curve allowing you to focus on the tasks beyond the assay. Simply choose your target analytes and request a quote.

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